St. Nicholas Scholarship

St. Nicholas was a Christian bishop in the 4th century who was famed for his generosity and love of children. Stories of his giving to those in need abound across the globe.  His gift-giving was so renowned, a popular figure you may know was developed based on his character – Santa Claus!

Here at MCMS we honor his memory with our St. Nicholas Scholarship. The purpose of the St. Nicholas Scholarship is to provide temporary financial assistance to currently enrolled
families who are unable to meet their tuition obligation to the school, and who would otherwise be forced to leave our community or decrease the days of attendance for their child(ren). This application is for a single month of partial or full financial support from the St. Nicholas Scholarship Fund. If your family requires more than one month of assistance, please reapply each month. Only families who have been with our community for a minimum of 3 months and have a currently enrolled child will be considered for this
Scholarship. All information contained in this application is considered strictly confidential. This is an equal opportunity scholarship. Awards are given at the discretion of Missoula Christian Montessori School.


Click here to download the St. Nicholas Scholarship Application